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    We are creating parametric BIM Libraries, where components are reflecting building materials?/products/objects? used in investment process by designers. Experience gained in AEC industry enables us to bring to perfection functionality of libraries. We are the providers of the best quality BIM libraries available on the market.


    Due to our applications user is capable of accessing complete manufacturer’s library from a software level and receives the possibility of sorting ang filtering the products. Dedicated apps enable extension of possessed software to a new interface and functionality. Each of our applications is individually tailored for the specific client’s needs and expectations. The comfort of app usage achieved in this way results in better effectiveness of work.


    If you have decided to implement BIM, MFG or Media to your company, you would be in a need of proper marketing support, so as to be able to hand over substantively correct information about libraries.For our clients, we have prepared the whole variety of marketing support services. We have appeared by manufacturer’s side on trade fairs as substantive consultants. We were organizing specialized VR stands, where in innovative way participants could have seen 3D view of our client’s products.


    As a specialists in the business we have got to know available hardware very well. Multiannual work in AEC industry allowed us to gain knowledge, which we can use by setting up a proffesional workplace in your company.

    We are the experts in the field of specialistic software, our knowlage will help you find the answers for the problematic matters. The biggest software vendors present in the industry are our partners.


    We realize that technologies in which we are working are still new and not everyone is posessing the knowledge as we have. That is why we are meeting client’s expectations. BLUBIM is also the Autodesk Autorized Training Center.

    In our offer one can find professional and substantive training course for your traders, new business managers or marketers in terms of parametric BIM libraries and MFG. Thanks to that, sales and promotional processes in your company will be more effective.