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  • BIM Consulting

    Thanks to the long-term experience, we know that purchasing BIM software is not enough to fully exploit potential. Our company offers help with selecting proper software and metodology suited to clients‘ needs. The service includes:

    • analysis of tools used in documentation processes,
    • analysis and support with organizing workflow,
    • analysis of data exchanges among the project participants,
    • selection of add-ins,
    • selection of optimalization scripts,
    • check of demand for Revit Server or BIM 360,
    • selection of OpenBIM software,
    • creation of BIM workflow optimalisation report.

    BIM Implementation

    For those who begins or wonders about working in BIM technology, we are recommending the implementation service, which includes:

    • BIM consultation,
    • pre-implementation analysis,
    • installation and activation of software,
    • configuration of project’s worksharing environment,
    • cycle of personalized training courses,
    • creation of personalized Autodesk Revit template,
    • creation of workflows documentation,
    • post-implementation analysis.

    Revit template

    We are offering a creation of personalized Autodesk Revit template based on completed detailed design delivered by client. The service includes:

    • project’s Starting View,
    • sheets,
    • legends,
    • browser organisation,
    • view templates,
    • *.dwg export standard,
    • *.ifc export standard,
    • shared parameters file,
    • personalized title blocks,
    • dimension styles,
    • basic hatches, object styles, materials,
    • 3D families library (e.g. doors, windows, chimneys, duct accessories),
    • 2D families library (e.g. washbasin, sink, pissoir, WC, tap, household appliances, furniture, insulation lines),
    • 2D symbol families library (north arrow, fire markings, spot elevations, section tags, view tags),
    • tags library (e.g. doors tags, windows tags, rooms tables),
    • detail items adapted to proper scale, e.g. 1:50, 1:100, 1:200,
    • educational model showing the usage of template elements,
    • one-day training of template usage,
    • one month of technical support.

    BIM Execution Plan

    We are providing preparation of BIM Execution Plan, which defines guidelines and requirements for usage of BIM technology in the whole investment process. Document solves the issues like:

    Management issues::

    • assigning responsibilities to proper participants,
    • work schedule,
    • naming standard and documentation segregation,
    • LOI (Level of Information),
    • procedures for sharing documentation,
    • access rights,
    • files protection,
    • standards, naming, division, etc.,
    • clash detection process,
    • coordination meetings.

    Technical issues:

    • software specification,
    • hardware requirements,
    • data exchange format,
    • model coordinates,
    • LOD (Level of Development),
    • training courses requirements (optional).

    Issues regarding data releases:

    • delivery schedule,
    • scope and delivery methods,
    • archiving and versioning,
    • competence to accepting the documents.


    Our priority is to share with our clients optimized procedures and possibilites of extra fucionalities. We are offering creation of professional algorithms solving specific problems. In our work we are making use of Dynamo visual scripting environment and Python language.


    It is a cyclical service offered with the aim of providing our clients complex technical support. The offer includes:

    • remote technical support five days a week,
    • creation of Revit families,
    • remote work with project files,
    • export of native files to *.ifc/*.nwd formats,
    • creation of documents defining work methods,
    • remote trainings of design team,
    • complementing office’s Revit template.


    Coordination Assistance is a service extended to complementary services dedicated to projects carried the BIM requirements through. The service includes:

    • position of a BIM Coordinator who organizes and monitors work of BIM team,
    • cyclical creation of model correctness reports according to guidelines,
    • cyclical creation of clash detection reports according to clash matrix,
    • creation of work optimalization scripts,
    • CDE platform support,
    • cyclical purging and optimalisation of a central file,
    • cyclical releasing of models.


    • remote technical support five times a week,
    • creation of family components,
    • work with project files,
    • native files export to *.ifc/*.nwd format,
    • creation of documents defining work methods,
    • cyclical consulting visit in clients’ company,
    • trainings of a design team.


    Proposition is dedicated to offices taking part in the most complicated projects as a participant responsible for fulfilling commissioning party requirements (e.g. EIR documents). Content of the document often forces designer to consult metodology of work with other project participants even before the work begins. BIM managment service includes:

    • organisation and guidelines for exporting from native files,
    • cyclical participation in BIM/VDR meetings,
    • client’s representation on coordination meetings,
    • creation of coordination procedures,
    • creation of workflow processes,
    • creation of Quality Assurance reports,
    • division and organisation of technical team tasks,
    • selection of extra services and add-ins.


    We are offering complex 3D modelling from flat documentation (*.dwg/*.pdf) and cloud points. Prepared model is delivered in native Autodesk Revit extension with used families library. Model is able to fulfill necessary requirements regarding level of development (LOD) and information (LOI) or files division structure. Offer is dedicated to all the branches.


    We are specializing in professional courses for AEC industry. Our courses are conducted in the shape of interactive workshops. Every training is based on authorial programme, customed to client’s needs. Profiting from many years’ experience, we are focused on teaching practical knowledge and skills. Trainees are receiving ready solutions for the most common design and coordination issues. We are offering the whole range of Autodesk and other needed in BIM process software courses.

    Our services are provided throughout Poland. We assure needed hardware and software. Every trainee receives certification of Autorized Training Centres after completion of course.